Covewater SUP Santa Cruz Stand Up Paddle


Paddleboard Rentals ~ Just $40 for an all-day SUP rental!


ANY DAY OF THE WEEK: $40 / day

We offer a flat ALL DAY rental (we just ask that boards are returned 1/2 hour before our shop closes for the day).  No stressful by hour time limits!  Rental includes board, paddle, leash, personal flotation device (PFD) and straps and pads for your car (if you need them).  (Racing boards are $45/day and $50/race days.

Call now to make a reservation (summer weekends and SUP race weekends are our busiest times):  (831) 600-7230.  

Wetsuits generally are not required for flat water stand-up paddling, however if you wish to use one, we have a fleet of new full-suits and spring-suits for rent at just $10 per suit for the day.


Covewater has California's largest and most diverse SUP rental fleet.  Whether you're a first time paddler or a SUP veteran, we'll pair you with the perfect board for your needs to make sure you have a great time on the water.  No one can match our selection, expertise or personal care. Our fleet is comprised of quality built, epoxy SUPs from the sport's leading manufacturers -- not low-end, foamy "softboard" boards like you'll get stuck with elsewhere.


You can quickly and easily drive away with the boards to wherever you like (we are just a few blocks from Cowell's Beach).  You do NOT need roof racks or anything!  We easily and safely put up to three boards on any car, everyday!  (Straps and pads are included if needed!)  We've been doing this since 2010 without a single problem.  SEE WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT RENTING SUPs FROM COVEWATER ON YELP.  We are proud to rank a full 5-stars from our customers, and are committed to making sure yours is the best possible SUP experience you could imagine.


Reservations are recommended for summer weekends, but not necessarily required, as we have tons of boards available to choose from.  To reserve a board, please call our shop during our business hours, so we can talk about which boards to reserve for you, and take your pre-payment by phone.  Our phone is (831) 600-7230.


If you are looking for the perfect board for you, at Covewater you can demo boards for free!  When you demo a board, you pay the normal rental fee - however, if you end up buying a board, you can apply up to $100 of your rental fees to the cost of the board (hold onto your receipts), so your demos end up being free!  No one else offers this invaluable option.  Would you buy a car without test driving it?  Why would you buy a $1,000+ paddleboard without paddling it?  Not on our watch!


Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your pre-paid board rental reservation, you must do so no later than 4:30 PM the day before your rental (24 hours before race board pick up for race days). Cancellations are subject to just a $5 cancellation fee to cover credit card charges we've incurred. Thank you for understanding.

Additional Info

Multiple-day rentals are available.  Want to go paddle in the morning before we open? You are welcome to pick up the board the day before after 3:00 PM and we'll charge the daily price with the board due back by noon the following day.  

Rental / Demo Boards

Covewater has literally THE largest selection of rental/demo stand-up paddle boards in California!  Our rental/demo fleet currently includes (and changes all the time-call for the latest):

ALL AROUND BOARDS (flatwater and/or surf) IN ORDER OF SIZE:  Updated 9/24/15

 7'10" Starboard Airborn 

 8'0" SIMSUP

  8'0" Infinity Phoenix

  8'0" Riviera "The Door" 

  8'2" F-One Anakao

  8'3" F-One Anakao

  8'5" F-One Madeiro

  8'4" SIMSUP

  8'5" Infinity Team Label (TL)

  8'8" F-One Madeiro 

  8'10" Starboard Wide Point

  9'0" Gerry Lopez Surf Music

  9'5" F-One Anakao

  9'5" Starboard Wide Point

  10'0" Paddle Surf Hawaii Wide All Arounder

  10'1" Channel Islands Caddi

  10'3" Jimmy Lewis Maestro

  10'6" F-One Manawa

  10'6" Riviera SUP

  10'6" Boardworks B-Ray

  11'0" Riviera Coastal Cruiser

 11'0" Pearson Arrow Laird

  11'0" Paddle Surf Hawaii

 11'6" Riviera

  11'6" B-Ray

  12'0" Starboard Atlas Extra


  12'6" F-One Pro Race

  12'6" F-One Race

  12'6" Boardworks Raven Inflatable 

  12'6" Riviera Voyager

  12'6" SIC Bullet

  12'6" SIC X12

  12'6" SIC X12 Pro

  14'0" SIC Bullet V2

  14'0" Surftech Bark Downwinder

  14'0" SIC X14

  14'0" SIC X14 Pro

  14'0" Starboard All-Star 

  16'0" SIC F16 (with steering)


12'0" F One Carbon Pro  

12'0 Surftech Joe Bark Commander

  14'0 Surftech Joe Bark Commander

  10'6" Surftech Bark Sprinter

Our Rental/Demo fleet is growing all the time... Call for the latest!  Don't see something you want to try? - Give us a call and we can help you out!

*Race Board rentals are $45 per day and $50 per day on Race days.

Release Form

Upon renting a board a signed Liability Release Form is required as there are inherent and potentially serious risks associated with this water activity, as with any water activity.  Participants in Covewater rentals, classes or other activities must know how to swim.



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