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Gift Certificates are available in any amount and never expire! The certificate recipient can redeem the certificate for whatever Covewater gift they desire, including:

- SUP classes or tours
- Paddleboard rentals
- Boards or paddles
- Clothing and accessories
- GoPro Cameras, sunglasses, sandals... anything!

Certificates are sent via USPS or via email, whichever you choose. Last minute gift shopping? No problem! We'll email you a full color PDF of the Certificate for you to print out in time for Christmas morning.


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Thursday, 20 November 2014 00:00

12'0 to 14'0 New and Used SUP and Prone Sale

Race Board Sale Collage

If you have been looking for a new or used race, touring or downwind board, THIS is your chance!!  We've just priced our new and used SUPs and prone paddleboards from 12'0" to 14'0" ridiculously cheap, as we have to make room for the 2015 boards coming in soon!  See the full listing of boards below and please give us a call with any questions.  (pun alert): "Race on down to Covewater, these boards are going fast!"


SIZE BRAND             MODEL                         BOARD TYPE    MSRP          DISCOUNT      SALE PRICE      
14'0"  Boardworks Great Bear Touring  $ 1,999 $604

 $ 1,395

14'0" Riviera Downwinder Downwind  $ 2,249 $654 

 $ 1,595



 USED SUP          


 12'6"  Boardworks  Great Bear  Touring  $ 1,799 $904 

 $  895

 12'6"  Surftech  BARK Candice Appleby  Race  $ 2,299  $650 

 $ 1,649

 12'6"  Surftech  BARK Competitor Tuflite  Race  $ 2,000 $1,205 

 $  795

 14'0"  SIC  X14 SCC  Race  $ 2,499 $1,004 

 $ 1,495

 14'0"  SIC  F14 Wide Glide TWC  Downwind  $ 2,399  $700

 $ 1,699

 14'0"  Surftech  BARK Eliminator ProElite  Race  $ 2,415 $1,015 

 $ 1,400

 14'0"  Surftech  BARK Laird Tuflite  Race/Tour  $ 2,250 $555 

 $ 1,695

 16'0"  SIC  F16 SCC  Downwind  $ 3,299 $800 

 $ 2,499



 USED PRONE          


14'0" Joe Bark CT14 Joe hand shape Race/Downwind $ 2,695 $700

 $ 1,995


This contest is now closed.  HOWEVER - if you would like to purchase a paddle from Covewater (any brand) - we will give you a $25 discount if you write a give us a check for $25 payable to the Coastal Watershed Council.  Your $25 will be tax deductible for you, and your money will go toward a great cause!  A win-win!  This offer expries 12/31/2015.  Learn more about the Coastal Watershed Council and why we support them below!  
Mahalo! ~ Covewater


Covewater is proud to support the Coastal Watershed Council's (CWC) mission of preserving and protecting our coastal watershed through stewardship, education and monitoring. This includes the CWC's work with the San Lorenzo River. In other communities across California and the nation, rivers have become a destination for recreation and tourism, a beautiful public space the community can feel proud of and connect with nature in, as well as a location for economic activity. That is also possible in our community!

Under the leadership of the Coastal Watershed Council, the "San Lorenzo River Alliance" (SLRA) is a Santa Cruz County-wide coalition focused on revitalizing the health of the San Lorenzo River and transforming this critical natural resource into a safe and welcoming community destination. This includes opening the river to recreation such as paddle boarding and kayaking. The Alliance's objectives are centered on water quality improvement, habitat restoration, public safety, community engagement and recreational enhancement. The vision for the SLRA is to create a thriving Santa Cruz riverfront, through an engaged coalition of governmental agencies, local businesses, nonprofits and stakeholders who are inspired to restore the river, renew community pride and support sustainable economic development surrounding this important waterway.

"There's a role for everyone in this local success story. In addition to buying raffle tickets for this paddle, see CWC's website HERE for what YOU can do to improve the San Lorenzo River."


PicMonkey Collage




Brent Allen Outside Collage 2

Introducing Brent Allen Outside.  BAO is now offering exclusive (1-2 person) stand up paddle tours of Monterey and Carmel's most jaw-dropping paddlle locations!  Locations include Point Lobos State Reserve & Whaler's Cove, Carmel River Beach, river and wetlands, Stillwater Cove in Pebble Beach (our favorite) and many more.

Brent Allen is an experience endurance sport athlete and coach who has paddled and surfed all over the world.  A certified stand up paddling instructor with 17 years experience in endurance and water sports coaching, Brent and his wife Kelley reside in Carmel by the Sea.  Brent has the exclusive ability to take you on private tours of these world-class paddling locations.  Check out some of his adventures on their YouTube channel.  For your own extraordinary paddle tour, contact Brent Allen Outside HERE.  Enjoy the experience!

Wednesday, 06 August 2014 00:00

We're Hiring - Join the Team!

Do you like paddling?  Are you available on Saturdays?  We want you to join the Covewater family!

Candice and Anthony working at Covewater with blurb

Ok, so this photo is actually Candice Appleby pretending to sell Anthony Vela a bar of wax in our shop.  However, we can tell you this is a pretty accurate portrayal of how much fun we have here in the shop.  

We are looking for someone to join our Saturday team at the shop.  The individual needs to be able to work more or less every Saturday from 10:00 to 6:00.  Additional days will certainly become available if interested.  The only requriments are an interest in stand up paddling, and a commitment to customer service.  We do all the training.  

If interested, please email us your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    Also, please briefly describe your paddling experience (and surf experience if any) and tell us why you would be a good fit for the Covewater team.

Thank you for your interest!  We are truly appreciative.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014 00:00

Pier to Pier (Pier 2 Pier) Paddle Race

P2P photo

The annual Pier 2 Pier Paddle Race is right around the corner!

DATE:       Saturday, July 26th, 2014
SIGN IN:    7:00-7:45 at the Santa Cruz Wharf (east side of wharf)
START:     8:00 water start
COURSE:  Santa Cruz wharf to Capitola Wharf

The annual P2P race is always the Saturday in July that proceeds the annual "Wharf to Wharf" footrace which is always a Sunday.  The Pier2Pier, as you might guess, starts at the Santa Cruz pier and finishes at the Capitola pier.  

As always, this is a fun race with no organizers, no registration, no liability forms, no sponsors and no schwag.  Just paddlers of all types (paddleboards, stand ups boards, outriggers and more) enjoying a fun and friendly race.  This is an non-organized race with no water safety, so participate purely at your own risk.  The course is generally about 4.6 miles.  There is no transportation back to the Santa Cruz wharf, so get a friend to do the paddle with you and drop off one of your cars in Capitola.  Alternatively, some have made a tradition of enjoying breakfast in Capitola Village after the paddle, then paddling back to Santa Cruz afterward.  Got questions about the race or want to rent a SUP or prone board for the race? - give us a call (831) 600-7230.  Have fun out there!                                            Photo credit: Mike Jones - Mostly Paddleboarding

Post-Race Update: The 2014 race was a blast.  HERE are full results.  See you all next year -- same place, same Sat, same time!

Our two new locations, New Brighton SUP and Stand Up Paddle Capitola are now open!

SUP-NB Final alt Banner Paths 2New Brighton Collage

Stand Up Paddle New Brighton offers affordable Capitola stand up paddleboard rentals and kayak rentals at New Brighton State Beach in Capitola.  Our rentals are located at the end the end of the New Brighton parking lot closest to the stairs and beach, just steps from the water.  We're open Thursday through Sunday, from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm.  New Brighton is the calmest, most tranquil beach in the county.  There is really no better place to go paddle from then New Brighton!   For more info, please visit:


Capitola Outline Only
Capitola Collage

Stand Up Paddle Capitola!  SUP Capitola is our newest classes location - launching classes and SUP tours from the foot of the Capitola wharf!  Here we offer "Ocean Intro to SUP" classes which include instruction on tricky beach launches and exits, as well as how to safely navigate ocean conditions including swell, wind and tide.  We also offer the popular "Coastal SUP Tour" which skirts along the insides of the kelp beds in Capitola, offering views of everything from the sea otters off the Capitola Wharft to the surfers at the Hook and Pleasure Point.  We enjoy a nice little downwind paddle on the way back to the beach.  For more info, please visit:

Saturday, 12 April 2014 00:00

Downwind Clinic with Morgan Hoesterey

Downwind Paddle Clinic Header

Covewater Downwind Paddling Clinic with Morgan Hoesterey. May 10, 2014.


Downwind paddling is incredibly fun, challenging and exhilarating. When paddling down coast with a strong wind at your back, you are able to actually catch the wind swell bumps and get rides out on the open ocean. This clinic, led by Hawaii's Morgan Hoesterey, will cover all the fundamentals of downwinding, and put them to practice in a moderate downwind paddle with a group. This clinic is limited to a total of 10 paddlers.


Sat, May 10, 2014. 11:00 AM to approximately 3:00 PM. One week before the Davenport Downwinder race.


We'll meet at Café Iveta on Santa Cruz' Westside at 11:00 AM for the on-land "classroom" portion of the clinic in their private upstairs room. Café Iveta brunch items and beverages will be served. Sometime around noon, we'll make the three block drive to our put-in location at Natural Bridges State Beach.


$110: Includes on-land clinic, brunch, on-water downwind paddle clinic and return transportation.
$145: Same as above plus use of a Covewater 12'6" or 14'0" downwind board for the day.


We will paddle straight out from Natural Bridges State Beach, heading out beyond the kelp beds, and along the coast to the Santa Cruz harbor – about 4.1 miles. This stretch of coast normally provides appreciable, though relatively moderate, downwind paddling conditions during spring afternoons. Plan for about 1.5 hours of paddling depending up wind speed and direction on the day of the paddle.


Participants will be provided transportation from the Santa Cruz Harbor back to their cars parked near Natural Bridges State Beach. A Covewater staff person will watch over all boards until everyone has returned to the harbor retrieve their boards.


Morgan Hoesterey is a vastly experienced ocean paddler, an ocean enthusiast and nature lover, a photographer, and a friend to all who have met her. No stranger to audacious ocean challenges, in 2008 Morgan became the first woman to complete the legendary Molokai to Oahu paddleboard race solo. In 2010, she paddled all 9 major Hawaiian Island channels (over 250 miles) as part of the documentary, Destination 3 Degrees. Morgan's sponsors include Surftech, Bark, Quickblade and Maui Jim.
Morgan placed 1st and 2nd overall at the Davenport Downwinder in 2012 and 2013 respectively, for women's SUP. Though she lives on Oahu, she is a self-proclaimed fan of the Santa Cruz area's waves, downwind runs and the Monterey Bay's marine environment. She also loves KFC. And coffee. Oh, and bacon. Definitely lots of bacon.


Who can/should participate in this clinic?

Those who are looking for an introduction to Downwind Paddling, or to build on their downwinding fundamentals will love this clinic. However, downwind paddling is generally physically challenging, and when the wind is really blowing, can be strenuous. Only those with moderate or better stand up paddling skills should join this clinic. This is not an introduction to paddling clinic. In addition, you will likely need to navigate through some amount of beach break/white water on your way in and/or out of the surfline during this paddle, though we can assist with water entry as well as surf line entry tips as part of the clinic.

Where/how far will we paddle?

The distance from Natural Bridges State Beach to the Dock FF of the Santa Cruz Harbor is about 4.2 miles.  This should be long enough to give a good instruction run, but not too long to be inaccessible for the moderate paddler.

What will we cover in the clinic?

The on-land portion and on-water paddle portions of the clinic will cover all basic aspects of downwind paddling: primarily catching windswell waves "catching bumps" and related paddling and footwork technique, but also local wind information sources, local downwinding routes/runs, judging conditions, wave/bump awareness, navigation, equipment requirements, ocean safety, hydration, buddy systems, specialized downwind boards and more - as well as your questions.

How does transportation work?

You will bring yourself and your board and equipment to Café Iveta (DIRECTIONS) for the on-land clinic and lunch. Afterwards, everyone will drive themselves to Natural Bridges State Beach around noon. You can either park for free on one of the surrounding streets and walk in a few blocks with your board or pay $10 to park right in the State Park for a much shorter walk with your board (recommended).
Once everyone has arrived at the paddle ending point, dock FF at the Santa Cruz harbor, we'll load everyone into a van and take you back to your cars at Natural Bridges. From there you'll head back down to the Santa Cruz Harbor to pick up your boards which we'll be watching for you. We do not have the ability to transport everyone's boards back up to Natural Bridges.

What is required?

Bring your board, paddle, leash, and PFD. Boards must be at least 11'6" in length to participate in the clinic. Ideally, you would be paddling a 12'6" or 14'0" race or downwind style board. Those boards are also available for rent from Covewater. There will be experienced paddlers on hand during the paddle to assist along the way.

Can prone (aka "traditional") paddlers attend?

Absolutely!  We even have a Joe Bark CT14 and a Surftech Bark 12'0" Commnader available to rent if needed.

More questions?

No problem!  Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Morgan Collage


Sunday, 06 April 2014 00:00

We're Hiring

We are looking to expand our dedicated Covewater team of friendly, helpful people that staff our shop and lead our lessons.  The requirements are an appreciation of this wonderful sport, a positive attitude, and an unparalleled commitment to our customers.  Available positions are part-time, and being part of our family-like team comes with many wonderful SUP benefits and new friends.  Opportunities normally include:
SUP Lesson Instructor
SUP Experience required, though not required in an "instructor" capacity.  We can train.  Looking for extra Instructors to help primarily on weekends during the summer, though opportunities to lead classes may be offered throughout the year at various times.  Instructors can take on the classes that work for their schedule, and pass on the classes that don't.

Shop Staff 
An appreciation of paddling is required.  You don't need to be an expert in all things SUP -- we'll train you to be one.  Looking for help on the occasional Saturday or Sunday primarily.
Shop Helper
Help with shipping, loading rentals, shop organization, etc.  No experience necessary.  Ideal for students.  Primarily Saturday and/or Sundays.
  • The position you are applying for
  • Your resume (include your cell phone number and mailing address)
  • Your paddling experience (include surf experience if any - surf *not* required)
  • Why you want to be part of the Covewater team
Thank you very much for your interest!  We are truly appreciative.  Mahalo.
Saturday, 08 March 2014 00:00

Bark Prone Paddleboards - Go Paddle!

Bark smooth day hat guy with wettie

Before stand up paddling exploded in the last several years, the only "paddleboarding" was prone paddleboarding - also sometimes now referred to as "traditional paddleboarding".  Traditional paddleboarding of course uses no paddle, and the paddler paddles from both a prone position (lying on their chest) as well as from a kneeling position.  Traditional paddlers have watched as the numbers of stand up paddlers has exploded over the last few years.  Well, now these same new stand up paddlers are starting to look at the traditional paddlers, and are wondering what this "genesis" sport if you will, is all about.  This is great news.

Traditional paddleboarding demands that you understand the water in a whole new way.  Much more in touch with the water, swell and wind conditions, traditional improves your understanding of the water and your own paddling skills.  It also develops your core and paddling related muscles from different leverage points.  Want to become a strong, more rounded paddler?  Try traditional paddleboarding.  We've got to tell you, for us it's just as fun, challenging and addicting as when we first started stand up paddling.


Do a little research, and you'll realize that Joe Bark in the name in California paddleboard design right now.  Not only does Joe design the world's fastest stand up paddleboards, but for many years, Joe has also been the go-to shaper in traditional paddling.  At Covewater, we're stoked to have partnered with Joe and with Surftech to feature the two most popular traditional paddleboards in the water today, the 12'0" Surftech Bark Commander, and the 14'0" Bark CT 14.

Want to find out what the grass-roots return to traditional paddling is all about?  Give us a call to reserve our 12'0 or 14'0 Bark paddleboard -- you'll be glad you did.  (831) 600-7230.


Here in the shop you will find both the 12'0" Surftech Bark Commander ($2,155) and the 14'0 Joe Bark CT14 ($2,695) available for sale.  The 12'0" Commanders are built by Surftech in their Tuflite technology, and the CT14s are hand shaped by Joe and built in his So Cal factory.  We also carry full range of paddleboard accessories from Coastal Eddie including chin rests, water bottles and bottle brackets, GPS wedges and vent plugs, as well as Bark clothing and gear.  Let us know how we can keep you on the water.

 Boards in shop collage

 Bark Its Here

Bark Commander vid


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